Standing Rules

Duties of the Officers

  1. Members of the DOWC board shall be the elected and appointed officers and chairwomen of standing committees.
2. The President shall:
  1. Ensure that board members will be provided the following tools for office, current copy of bylaws and standing rules, listing of board members’ names, phone numbers and email addresses, calendar of meetings and activities for the current membership year.
  2. Be the cosigner on the checking account.
  3. Approve all DOWC publicity before posting or distribution.
  4. Provide a current DOWC board list to the directory committee to be included in the directory.
3. The First Vice President shall:
  1. Be in charge of programs at the regular meetings.
  2. Provide educational/informational programs as approved by the DOWC board.
  3. Purchase a thank you gift for the guest speaker not to exceed $10 per month.
  4. Be responsible for the outgoing president’s recognition.
  5. Provide a current list of programs to the directory committee to be included in the directory
4. The Second Vice President shall:
  1. Be in charge of scheduling the host home for the monthly general meetings and solicit co-hostesses to bring refreshments to those meetings.
  2. Bring all drinks and paper products to the host home.
  3. Do setup and cleanup at the host home.
  4. Provide the drinks and paper products to any welcome coffees, adult socials, children socials, or any other board-approved activity that the DOWC schedules.
  5. Provide a current list of host homes to the directory committee to be included in the directory.
5. The Secretary shall:
  1. Take minutes for executive and general meetings.
  2. Distribute written copies of the appropriate minutes at the appropriate meetings.
  3. Keep on file the original approved bylaws, all subsequent amended sets of bylaws, current standing rules, and current board member list.
  4. Turn over to the audit committee approved general meeting minutes.
  5. Notify board members by (their choice of) phone or email of changes in date, time or place of upcoming general, board or special meetings.
  6. When asked, she will act as the corresponding secretary for the DOWC.
  7. Have letterhead and invitations available for use when requested.
6. The Treasurer shall:
  1. Establish good bookkeeping procedures and disbursement practices; may create policies to accomplish this, with the approval of the DOWC Board, in order to manage income and expenses of the DOWC.
  2. Chair a budget committee to prepare and present a financially sound annual budget for DOWC approval.
  3. Keep financial records current and give a financial report at each board and general meeting.
  4. Make reimbursement vouchers available to DOWC Board members and provide payees a reimbursement check when all needed information is provided and amount to be reimbursed conforms to budgetary constraints.
  5. Deposit all DOWC funds received within three (3) days of receipt.
  6. Turn over DOWC financial records to the annual audit committee within 30 days of fiscal end. If an audit is called for at any other time, records will be turned over immediately.
7. The Parliamentarian shall:
  1. Have a current copy of the bylaws, standing rules and a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order at all board and general meetings.
  2. Insure that a bylaws committee reviews the club’s bylaws at least once every three years.
  3. Review duties, restrictions, and qualifications of all elected officers and standing committee chairwomen with the nominating committee.
  4. Insure that all officers and standing committee chairwomen are current members of the DOWC.

Duties of the Standing Committees

1. The Activities Committee shall:
  1. Coordinate the activities of the club by providing a notebook of signup sheets of all current activities to every general meeting and asking for members to sign up.
  2. Solicit interest in other possible activities and initiate signups for them.
2. The Adult Social Committee shall:
  1. Coordinate all adult social activities for the club
3. The Children’s Social Committee shall:
  1. Coordinate all children’s social activities for the club; one in the fall (Halloween) and one in the spring (Easter)
4. The Community Service Committee shall:
  1. Plan and coordinate all fundraisers, including an auction held in November where all proceeds benefit the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department.
  2. Ensure that fundraisers held cover the cost of the yearly scholarship given to a Double Oak graduating senior.
5. The Directory Committee shall:
  1. Update, compile, print, and distribute the yearly directory.
  2. Provide an updated newcomer’s brochure to the hospitality committee to include in welcome packets.
6. The Historian shall:
  1. Compile a scrapbook of the activities and achievements of the club and present it to the outgoing president at the May meeting.
  2. Be responsible for finding her replacement to take pictures at any meeting or activity she is unable to attend.
7. The Hospitality Committee shall:
  1. Assemble welcome packets for new Double Oak residents using area information obtained from local Chamber of Commerces and other resources.
  2. Have packets available at meetings for greeters to pick up.
  3. Maintain a current greeter list. Greeters need to be DOWC members.
  4. Actively solicit greeters for open streets.
  5. Host occasional welcome coffees.
  6. Provide the directory chairwoman with a current greeter list to be included in the directory.
  7. Provide new addresses to publicity each month to send out newsletters.
8. The Membership Committee shall:
  1. Actively solicit for membership.
  2. Compile, maintain and keep current an accurate list of members, including (at least) their name, address and phone number.
  3. Turn over a file copy of the membership list to the directory committee after the board-approved deadline to be included in that year’s directory.
  4. Submit dues to the treasurer within seven days during the membership period (August to October).
  5. Turn over membership contact information to publicity every month for distribution of the newsletter and any other board-approved publicity notices.
9. The Publicity Committee shall:
  1. Compile, type, edit, and distribute the DOWC newsletter to all members November through May. The September issue of the newsletter shall be distributed to all residences of Double Oak. The October issue of the newsletter shall be distributed to all current and prior-year members of the DOWC.
  2. Coordinate information about the DOWC to the local newspapers and the town of Double Oak’s website.
  3. Notify the board members of publication deadlines and submit final drafts to the president/board prior to posting or publication.
  4. Send out via email any board-approved publicity notices or meeting reminders.
10. The Sunshine Committee shall:
  1. Purchase and send out all cards and gifts requested by the membership.
  2. Coordinate meals for families in need when requested.
  3. Send graduation cards to all Double Oak graduating seniors.

Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Procedure Book: Each board member is responsible for providing specific information relating to their office or chairwomanship to their successor (i.e. procedure book). It is suggested that the outgoing president call a “transition meeting” whereby members of both the outgoing and incoming board exchange information and procedure books.
  2. Term of Office: All members of the DOWC’s board hold their respective positions until the last day of the membership year. Outgoing board members (except the treasurer and secretary) shall deliver procedure books and all other records to their successors (or the incoming president) no later than 15 days after the last day of the membership year.
  3. Attendance: A board member shall give the president (or secretary) prior notice if she is unable to attend an upcoming board meeting.
  4. All DOWC board members are responsible for providing written notice of their respective areas to the publicity committee each month.

General Meeting Procedures

Any member responsible for a DOWC activity is responsible for providing written notice of their respective areas to the publicity committee each month.

Financial Procedures

NSF Checks:
  1. Any check made payable to the DOWC that is returned as NSF will be deposited a total of two times. If it is still found to be NSF, the treasurer will notify the check writer. Any charges incurred by the DOWC because of it being found NSF will be charged to the check writer. The DOWC reserves the right to refuse any check and demand cash for payment.
  2. Any person wishing to be reimbursed must submit proper receipts to the treasurer no later than 30 days after the event or 3 days prior to the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes first.

Special Committees

Audit Committee:
Once formed, a reasonable date will be set for completing the audit. A member of the audit committee will collect the financial books and records from the outgoing treasurer. The DOWC’s minutes, reports and membership roster will be collected from the secretary. In order to complete the audit in a timely manner, the outgoing treasurer should make herself available during the audit in case the committee should need her help locating or deciphering records. After the annual audit has been completed, the audit committee will turn over the financial books and records directly to either the incoming president or the incoming treasurer. The minutes, reports and membership roster will be turned over to either the incoming president or the incoming secretary.
Bylaws Committee shall:
  1. Be formed at least once every three years to review the bylaws and standing rules.
  2. Be comprised of at least three members.
  3. Report to the general membership after the DOWC board’s approval.
  4. Be chaired by the Parliamentarian.

Phone or E-mail Voting for DOWC Board Decisions

Phone or email voting is allowed for emergency situations. Every DOWC board member will be notified personally by phone, email, or other electronic means by the president. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the entire board is needed to pass a motion. Board members shall have at least 24 hours to respond. The email or phone vote will be ratified at the next regular board meeting. A complete accounting of the number of votes cast, and the ratifying vote, shall be included in the minutes

Adopted 4/21/09

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